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Your Back Pocket Realtor: How a Realtor Can Help You Even if You're Not Buying or Selling

A Good Realtor is more than someone who helps you buy or sell a home. 


Yup. I know. It's a weird thing to say. But it's true! I enjoy helping people list their homes and I enjoy helping people find their next (or first) (or vacation) home.

But what I actually LOVE about my job is being a resource. 

I love talking market trends and home values, what neighborhoods have seen recent turnover or where the closest pho restaurant is (311 Riverside Dr. in Florence, btw). I like number crunching and data, socializing, shopping local, and making connections. I'm raising a family here so definitely let's talk about all the kid-related stuff and, arguably more importantly, all the stuff that isn't kid-related for when you need a break. 'Cause parenting. Whew!

Anyways, a recent interaction I had made me think of coining myself your Back Pocket Realtor. Your BPR, if you will.

Why BPR? Well, being extra word-nerdy, I looked up "back pocket" for a definition and this is the first that came up: "in one's back pocket. (idiomatic) Available to use as a resource for one's advantage whenever needed; in reserve."


I am available to use as a resource for your advantage basically whenever needed. I need sleep, too, so there are a few times I'm off-limits, but outside of those parameters - I'm ready to play!

So that interaction I mentioned.

A woman was visiting the area a couple months ago and stopped into our super conveniently located and gorgeous office at 112 Main St. in Northampton, MA, (in case you're wondering) to talk shop. She loves the area. She lives in one of the Carolinas. She has no immediate plans to move here. But she had questions. Really great questions. So we talked for a while, we looked at some homes on the market and discussed them, we chatted about non-real estatey things. And we have stayed in touch.

Flash forward to a couple days ago and this woman reaches out and asks me to find her the average annual increase of home values in Northampton for the past 20 years. And I was like, "What?! Hell yes! Hold one on minute...." 

And it was so cool to dig into that data. People, I have access to that kind of data and I get real jazzed to look into it and talk about it with you. 

Because I'm your Pioneer Valley BPR.

By the way, using the average sales price of Single Family (SF) homes from 1998-2018 because we don't yet have complete data for 2019, on average homes have increased in value 4.65% per year.


  • 13 years saw increases, 7 saw decreases
  • Largest increase was 18.9% from 2003-2004
  • Smallest increase was 3.72 from 2013-2014
  • Largest decrease was -7.9% from 2011-2012
  • Smallest decrease was -.68 from 2006-2007
  • Average Sale:List Price was 97% (List Price at time of sale)
  • Average Sale:Original Price was 99%

So! What are your questions? Check your back pocket. 

Curious to see what homes are currently listed for in Northampton, MA? Right this way, please...

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  1. Amandine Vaget on

    Great article Becky!