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Shopping Local and Other 2020 Goals

I'll be honest: I'm not someone who makes New Year Resolutions. But this year goals for 2020 started flowing through my mental starting back in the fall. Things were jumping out at me as things I really wanted to accomplish and ways to keep myself accountable as a professional. So without any further ado, here is a short list of things I want to accomplish over the next 12 months.


In 2020 I will.... 

1. exclusively locally.

This was the first (and biggest) goal to jump out at me. Why? Well, for starters, Downtown Becky Brown is a small business. I'm an independent contractor and I'm affiliated with a locally woman-owned and operated brokerage. Also, my husband is a business consultant working with small businesses on a national level so... y'know... it's a much-discussed topic in our home.

Beyond that, I live in this town/county/region and I am obsessed with the entrepreneurial spirit of the community. There is something so invigorating about running a business where you live. The connections with the community become so much more meaningful and the support and desire to see other small businesses succeed is off the charts. In fact, 87% of why I became a Realtor was to connect with my community in a more meaningful way.

When a local business, organization, or restaurant goes out of business, I mourn that loss! So I decided to very literally put my money where my mouth is and shop exclusively locally. We have everything we need available to us through small, locally-owned businesses so beyond some growing pains while figuring out where to source certain things, there's no reason not to do it. It takes a little more forethought and planning, but I think as a family we are going to end up spending less money this year than years past.

2. ...become a regular volunteer with 2 Pioneer Valley/Hamp County based organizations.

Civic duty is a real thing and so is a duty to give back and contribute to one's community. That's my personal belief. Things have been hectic the past ~5 years what with pregnancies and infants and moving and new jobs, etc. so I have allowed these things to take a back seat for a bit. You can only fit so much in at a time, right? But now I'm ready to venture out a little more. If you have suggestions for local organizations or programs that could use some assistance, please let me know!

3. ...donate a portion of each commission earned to a local non-profit, charity, or fundraiser

Again, a personal belief, but a big one nonetheless. If you have suggestions for where I can donate, please share with me. 

4. one industry-related book a month

I am always and forever an educator and a student and I don't think anything can be more valuable to my past, present, and future clients than continuing to educate and immerse myself in the ever-changing world that is real estate. That can be a broad and ceaseless task, so I have set myself at one book a month at a minimum.

5. ...earn one additional certification or designation

See above comments re: professional development and education. There are many areas of expertise in the field of real estate. I have already set myself above by affiliating as a Realtor (not just a real estate agent - curious about the difference? Ask!), but my goal is to always push myself to be the best I can for you - my clients. Through earning designations/certifications, I take deeper dives into the topics that matter most to consumers.


So there you have it! Those are my goals for 2020. Stay tuned throughout the year for updates on my progress. Accountability!!


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